How Rotterdam has led the way for transgender stories on stage

Published in The Independent on June 20, 2017

It was 2008 when Jon Brittain first started working on his play Rotterdam, about a lesbian couple where one half transitions to being a man. He had several friends who were transitioning gender, and was suddenly struck by how few trans stories ever got told. Continue reading “How Rotterdam has led the way for transgender stories on stage”

The woman who could ‘draw’ music

Few people know Daphne Oram, but she helped shape the sounds, and songs, we listen to today. A pioneer of electronic music, she wrote Still Point – thought to be the world’s first composition which manipulates electronic sounds in real time – in 1949. In 1957, she set up the famous BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Review: Richard III, The Arcola

Greg Hicks’ supple, detailed performance is by far the best thing in an otherwise rather pedestrian production by Mehmet Ergen.

Review: Nuclear War, Royal Court

‘A series of suggestions for a piece of theatre.’ So says the introduction to Simon Stephens’ new play, a short piece directed by choreographer Imogen Knight.

Welcome to the Places of my Life

I wrote a piece for Oh Comely about a project with pals: Welcome to the Places of My Life, named after the Alan Partridge guide to Norwich, sees us visiting each other’s our hometowns, and reliving our teenage experiences.

Review: The Philanthropist, Trafalgar Studios

First staged in 1970, Christopher Hampton’s comedy gets a revival stuffed with comic actors off the telly. You can see why: this groaning period piece, directed by Simon Callow, needs all the comedic help it can get. It’s not enough.