Review: Nora: A Doll’s House, Young Vic

Published in The Observer February 16, 2020

It’s often said that Nora’s slam of the door as she walks out on her husband and children at the end of A Doll’s House has echoed down the centuries. In Stef Smith’s smart new version of Ibsen’s 1879 play, her story certainly reverberates: Smith reimagines Nora in 1918, in 1968, and in 2018.

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Will disabled people ever get the stories they deserve?

Published in BBC Culture December 2, 2020 Diversity has become a buzzword in the entertainment industries – and if there’s still debate about how much things are really changing, or if moves towards greater representation are too often mere lip service or box ticking, the diversity conversation is at least being had. Do badly, and […]

The shows where drama meets data

London-based theatre company Any One Thing has produced two intimate shows that innovatively use technology to personalise the experience.

Gandalf pays!

In 2015, Sir Ian McKellen was given a million pound advance to write his autobiography. In 2016, he handed it back, later stating that he found it “a bit painful”.

Review: Night Boat to Tangier by Kevin Barry

Two ageing, fading Irish gangsters sit in the port of Algeciras, watching and waiting for 23-year-old named Dilly, who they believe to be heading by ferry from Spain to Morocco. Actually, scrap that – there’s nothing faded about Maurice Hearne and Charlie Redman.

Review: Bitter Wheat, Garrick Theatre

Really, what is the point? Why stage this? I write with weariness, not anger. Because it’s all too tiresome, and too predictable. Turns out, nope, we really didn’t need a Harvey Weinstein play, written by a man and from a male perspective. The whole thing leaves you feeling… grubby.

Review: Spice Girls, Wembley Stadium

It’s 25 years since the Spice Girls formed, and their reunion tour – minus Victoria Beckham, who gets a dig on “Wannabe” (“Easy V: where is she?”) – has packed out Wembley for three nights.

A chat with Doon Mackichan

A comedian and actor, Doon Mackichan has worked as a stand-up and in influential TV comedies such as The Day Today, Brass Eye and Smack the Pony. Her latest role is in David Mamet’s new play Bitter Wheat, alongside John Malkovich.