Review: The Stirrings, Catherine Taylor

Published in The Telegraph on July 16, 2023

In the mid-1800s, Sheffield’s success as the Steel City was built on long hours and unsafe working conditions. This led to the Outrages, also known as the Stirrings: union militants resorted to violent protest, blowing up factories and murdering employers, a period immortalised in Alan Cullen’s 1966 musical, The Stirrings in Sheffield on Saturday Night.

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Three Theaters, Three Plays, One Cast, All at Once

Published in The New York Times on June 24, 2022

SHEFFIELD, England — Visitors to Tudor Square in the center of this northern English city might spot some unusual figures there this week: a woman sprinting through in a neon boilersuit, or a tutu, or a man running with a box of scissors. And if they look like they’re in a hurry to get somewhere, that’s because they are. These are actors, and they have an entrance to make — on a different stage from the one they just left.

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Theatre Q&A: Tim Etchells, Forced Entertainment

Published in The Observer on September 25, 2016

Tim Etchells is the leader of Forced Entertainment, a Sheffield-based theatre company he founded in 1984 with five fellow Exeter University drama graduates. Its productions include the 24-hour gameshow Quizoola!, the six-hour improvised And on the Thousandth Night and Table Top Shakespeare, which retells the playwright’s complete works using household items. Continue reading “Theatre Q&A: Tim Etchells, Forced Entertainment”