Review: Misty, Bush Theatre

Published in Time Out on March 22, 2018

A story of a fight on a night bus, delivered by actor-playwright Arinzé Kene with a physical swagger and grime-like flow. Flanking him, Shiloh Coke and Adrian McLeod play drums and keys. It’s gig-theatre, performance poetry, suggesting London is a body and its inhabitants blood cells. Only some of them – black people, it’s implied – are viruses. Continue reading “Review: Misty, Bush Theatre”

Review: The Angry Brigade

Published in The Independent on May 7, 2015

Playwright James Graham is the very much the man of the hour – literally, if you’re reading this review on 7 May while waiting for election news. His play The Vote, at the Donmar, is also showing live on Channel 4, dramatising in real-time the last 90 minutes before polls close; across town, the Bush hosts a transfer of another political outing. The Angry Brigade opened last autumn in Plymouth, but arrives here with a largely new cast. Continue reading “Review: The Angry Brigade”