Belle & Sebastian interview: Stuart Murdoch on playing pop

Published in The Independent on Sunday on January 25, 2015

Stuart Murdoch’s muse has spoken. “She says be popular, play pop, and you will win my love,” he sings on “The Everlasting Muse”, a track from Belle & Sebastian’s new record, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance. It’s the Glasgow-based indie outfit’s ninth – and their strongest in some time. And the rumours that the feyest band in Britain has embraced dance music weren’t entirely unfounded.

“I like to dance. We all like dance music,” says Murdoch, the band’s frontman and songwriter, when we meet for a cup of tea in Glasgow. “But we’ve probably been seriously incapable of expressing that before now. Now we’re just really relaxed – you just have to let your inner dance come out.” Continue reading “Belle & Sebastian interview: Stuart Murdoch on playing pop”