What Time is Love? is out in paperback

What Time is Love? is published today in paperback by Orion, as well as being available as an audiobook, eBook and in hardback.

It is being published in 13 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Norway, Turkey and Ukraine.

And the reviews are in…

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Review: Pageboy, Elliot Page

Elliot Page is probably the most famous trans man in the world. His memoir may have a cute title and thirst-inducing cover shot – but within, there’s a world of pain.

Review: Enter Ghost, Isabella Hammad

An actor returns to Palestine and joins a local production of Hamlet in this richly layered and elegant examination of memories and oppression

Why being messy is good for you

From “non-aesthetic” homes to the Frazzled English Woman, there’s a new wave of realism about what our lives are like

Review: WARHOLCAPOTE, Rob Roth

Not many stars have stalkers who become as famous as them – but Andy Warhol achieved the same renown as his idol Truman Capote. By 1978 the two were not only friends, but were even plotting to write a Broadway show together based on their taped conversations.