My novel The Start of Something is published!

On 11 April 2024, my second novel came out in hardback, published by Orion… I managed to to celebrate it twice, with a launch party at The Devereux in London and in Sheffield, upstairs at The Rutland and organised by the wonderful Juno Books. Plus a cheery bookshop tour, meaning there are signed copies available in Burley Fisher, Foyles, The LRB Bookshop, and Waterstones in Islington, Tottenham Court Road and Sheffield!

And I was lucky enough to get some very generous press…

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An open relationship taught me everything I needed to know about love

Sleeping with someone other than your partner is the ultimate betrayal – the worst thing you can do in a romantic relationship, right? Not necessarily. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the best lessons I’ve learned in how to be a good partner, and have a good relationship, came from exploring non-monogamy.

Review: Memory Piece, Lisa Ko

This is Ko’s second novel, following 2018’s The Leavers, and she writes with a cool, collected intelligence and is unafraid to wrangle big ideas. Her characters continually weigh personal integrity against success, wealth, comfort, even safety.

Murderer, manipulator… or not that bad at all? The reframing of Richard III

For a king who has been dead for more than 500 years, Richard III has been making a remarkable number of headlines this winter. And yes – many of them are discontented. From fights among historians over his actions to casting controversies around fictionalised depictions, Richard III is more contentious than ever.

Review: Shed: Exploded View, Royal Exchange

It’s a lesser-seen sort of stage adaptation – but occasionally, playwrights take inspiration from great works of art. In Shed: Exploded View, Phoebe Eclair-Powell was inspired by Cornelia Parker’s installation of a blown-up garden shed to explode her own theatrical form.

Is Millennial nostalgia ruining musicals?

The urge to add songs to our favourite high school movies is, it seems, an unstoppable one – and it’s a trend that is coming for British audiences this year. Get in, losers: we’re breaking into song.