The unseen masterpieces of Frida Kahlo

You know Frida Kahlo – of course you do. She is the most famous female artist of all time, and her image is instantly recognisable, and unavoidable. Kahlo can be found everywhere, on T-shirts and notebooks and mugs.

A Freelance Writing Awards nomination

Exciting news: I am delighted to have been shortlisted for Freelance art and design writer of the year in 20201’s Freelance Writing Awards, for two piece I wrote for BBC Culture.

Review: Assembly, Natasha Brown

Within a neat 100 pages, Natasha Brown’s precise, powerful debut novel says more about Britain’s colonial legacy and what it’s like trying to exist within that as a black British woman than most could achieve with three times the space.

Review: Walden, Harold Pinter Theatre

What kind of work should theatres re-open with? This question has been given a surprisingly forthright answer by the super-producer Sonia Friedman: a season of new writing in the West End, by emerging artists.

Why Alice is the ultimate icon of children’s books

For books that are all about surprising transformations, it should perhaps be no real surprise that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass are among the most frequently adapted and reinterpreted stories ever written.

A cultural history of the nude selfie

“Love, lust, pleasure, desire, beauty, anatomical study, self-expression, egotism… The impulses behind sending nudes are many. Creating nudes and sharing them seems to be part of human nature.” So begins Karla Linn Merrifield, in the first contribution to a new anthology.