What Time is Love? update…

Publication day approaches… and has been brought forward to 26 May 2022. What Time is Love? is available for pre-order now, from your favourite independent bookstore, or this link takes you to a range of online retailers. Final copies are imminent, but we have a cover design!

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How to research a novel

One of the pleasures of fiction is imagining yourself into the minds of others, into other times or other places – and to make that believable, you’ll need both background research and specific details.

How to finish a novel

This first post in a series of blogs about writing was going to be on how to start a novel. But I feel like starting is rarely the problem – whereas finishing often is. Whether you plan a book out or plunge right in, the beginning is always full of shimmery possibility. And then… the […]

Review: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Leeds Playhouse

It’s a smart bit of programming to revive this scrappy, joyful rock musical about a resilient genderqueer performer right now – and to ride the wave of mainstream interest in drag queens by casting Divina De Campo.

How the first ever pop star blazed a trail of innovation

Think of an era-defining, wildly popular pop star: are you picturing David Bowie? Prince? Elton John? None of those names achieved anything like the domination of arguably Britain’s first popular music star: Charles Dibdin.

The surprising ways that Victorians flirted

Look up the term “collage”, and the Tate’s website will inform you that this was “first used as an artists’ technique in the early 20th Century.” But what if the Cubists, the Dadaists and the Surrealists were actually predated in this innovation by… upper-class Victorian society women?

Review: She Loves Me, Sheffield Crucible

What a treat this is: a delicious romcom, staged with real wit and elan, so that it feels genuinely both romantic and very funny – not something revivals of old musicals always manage to pull off.