What Time is Love? funded by Arts Council England

In autumn 2021, I was successful in my application to ACE for a Project Grant to finish working on my novel, What Time is Love?

I am extraordinarily grateful to ACE for this funding and support, which enabled me to finish writing, editing, fact-checking and proof-reading the manuscript, ahead of my agent Tristan Kendrick submitting it to publishers in the New Year.

Writing a novel

Some exciting news: I have signed to RCW literary agency for a currently work-in-progress novel. My agent is Tristan Kendrick, who I am thrilled to be working with as the book progresses.

The story imagines one couple meeting at three different points during the 20th century, looking at how changes in class, gender and social mobility impact on a relationship.

Alongside the actual writing, I’m conducting oral histories with people who lived through the late 1940s/early 1950s, the late 60/early 70s, and the late 80s/90s as research. I’ll be putting up some posts about that process as I go along, as well as more general reflections on the writing process.