Review: Honour, Park Theatre

Published in Mail on sunday on November 3, 2018

A middle-aged, middle-class couple – he a towering figure in journalism, she a writer who’s not published for decades – appear to have a comfortable, rock-solid marriage. Then along comes a bright, beautiful, ambitious writer half his age, to interview him for a book. Continue reading “Review: Honour, Park Theatre”

Avaes Mohammad and Rod Dixon on staging twin dramas of extremism

Published in The Independent on May 11, 2015

Avaes Mohammad wanted to write a play about Muslim extremism in the North of England. Actually, he wanted to write three – a trilogy, going from 9/11 to the present moment. But when he approached Rod Dixon, of the Red Ladder Theatre Company, he was persuaded to look at two different versions of extremism in modern Britain: Muslim terrorism and white, working-class fascism. Continue reading “Avaes Mohammad and Rod Dixon on staging twin dramas of extremism”